Prolific Persian : Nazanin Boniadi

What do you get when you have the combination of purity and elegance, an authentic British accent that seduces slowly, and an on screen realism in character ? If you guessed Audrey Hepburn, you’re close. The answer is Nazanin Boniadi. You might have seen the 35-year old Iranian-born British American actress on Homeland, while surfing through Showtime.

You might have seen her while catching up on episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Or Ms. Boniadi might have caught your attention in her N’Espresso ads opposite George Clooney. If you haven’t seen her in the aforementioned programs, then you can catch Nazanin Boniadi in next summer’s historical epic remake of Ben-Hur, playing the female lead.

Boniadi is not only an accomplished thespian who has appeared in mega-watt films such as Iron Man, and having been directed by the likes of acclaimed directors such as Paul Haggis and Mike Nichols. She is also an active humanitarian, being a  spokeswoman for Amnesty International 

On the small screen, Boniadi was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series in 2008 for her role in General Hospital. She has appeared in a plethora of hit shows as well, including ScandalCSI, and Grey’s Anatomy. She has had roles in notable films such as The Next Three Days and Iron Man. She played the lead in Shirin in Love and also had a role in Charlie Wilson’s War, as an Afghan Refugee.

Perhaps that it what makes Ms. Boniadi a bonafide actress, being able to showcase diversity in character. Playing an elegant business woman, opposite a dapper Clooney in a coffee advertisement. In another role, playing a disarrayed immigrant searching for refuge and solace. It is this duality in the portrayal of the human experience that has allured her to viewers. Many of whom have an indifference for the Scientology rumors linking her to Tom Cruise.

On Homeland, she brought an unmatched authenticity to the role of Fara Sherazi. On the red carpet, Boniadi also brings an unparalleled Old Hollywood style glamour. It’s what makes Nazanin Boniadi a Prolific Persian.