5 Ways To Preserve Your Smile This Winter


By Dr. Iman Sadri

The winter season can be harsh for your skin, hair, immune system, eyes, and smile. Cold temperatures can lead to higher incidences of flu, dry eyes, migraines, and cracked lips.

Here are 5 Ways to Save Your Smile This Winter :

1) Moisturize : Using lip balm to lubricate dry and cracked lips will help guard against angular cheilitis.

2) Drink Water : Staying hydrated will help prevent bad breath caused by dry mouth during the winter time, a time in which your body uses extra water reserves to hydrate the skin and systemic organs.

3) Use Oraboost : Oraboost is a revolutionary new gingival nutraceutical that helps provide fresh breath and keep your gums healthy.

4) Use a Nightguard : During the winter the incidences of clenching and grinding can increase due to a higher rate of migraines. Ask your dentist if you need a nightguard to help prevent bone loss and gum recession associated with cold temperature based clenching and grinding.

5) Don’t Chew Ice

Chewing ice can lead to teeth to fracture and enamel to wear down. During the winter time teeth can have increased sensitivity associated with cold temperatures. Chewing ice can lead to further sensitivity as well.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV