How to Avoid Getting Lipstick on your Teeth by Using OraBoost

By Dr. Iman Sadri

On many routine occasions I see women with makeup on their teeth. And on a significant number of these occasions they are in professional circumstances. The realtor at the lobby of a condo. The assistant manager at a high end boutique. The waitress at a nice steak restaurant. A new colleague at a lunch meeting. An insurance agent at Starbucks.

These women all applied lipstick to accentuate their beauty and professionalism. And they all smile by showing their front teeth. Not small smiles or smirks, where there is not much teeth being shown. But rather, wide smiles to make the sale or to get the commission.

Lipstick on teeth is not a big deal at a casual event. But when the case is a professional setting, lipstick on teeth could show a lack of attention to detail. And if the client is picky enough, could derail the sale.

The best way to avoid lipstick and to get a fresh smile at the same time is to use OraBoost. OraBoost is a gingival neutraceutical with oil residues with Co-Q10 flowing over enamel. Unlike a thick oil residue with bubbles that Vaseline would leave, OraBoost does not cause bubbles or leave a thick mess.

The irony is you apply OraBoost similar to mascara or lipliner. With a cotton tip applicator.

There is just enough of a small layer over the teeth to add a protection against lipstick, by using OraBoost. Visit to get healthy gums and a shiny smile guarding against lipstick stains.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV