How to Avoid Holiday Halitosis : 5 Ways For Fresher Breath During the Holidays


December 25, 2016

By Dr. Iman Sadri

The Holidays can be straining on your wallet and on your oral health. The combination of sweets, acidic foods, high carbohydrate intake, alcohol, and poor oral hygiene due to lazy teeth brushing can not only lead to cavities but also Halitosis. Here are 5 Ways to Fresher Breath during the Holiday Season :

1) Avoid Garlic : Despite being good for your heart health, the olifactory annoyance of garlic is strong. Certain Holiday foods can have a heavy dosage of garlic.

2) Avoid Sriracha Sauce : Many people love adding Sriracha Sauce to their favorite foods, including Holiday meals. The garlic and onion in the sauce can permeate for days after consumption. The addition of Sriracha Sauce may excite your tastebuds but can also repel your relatives.

3) Drink Mint Tea : Mint is nature’s breath freshner. Adding a mint leaf to your favorite tea can help freshen your breath for hours. You can also place a mint leaf on your tongue and let it absorb in your mouth prior to chewing it. Just be sure to floss afterwards.

4) Drink Water : A dry mouth is a leading factor for bad breath. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and to help give your mouth fresher breath.

5) Use OraBoost: OraBoost is a pepermint flavored neutraceutical gel brand new to the Dental Consumer market. Apply OraBoost twice per day to help freshen your breath. Its components help keep your breath fresh for many hours during the day. Go to for more information.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of HollywoodSmile TV