Barry Pepper Should Play a Young Donald Trump in a Future Biopic

Jun 17, 2017


By Iman Sadri

Barry Pepper, a seasoned veteran of Hollywood films would be a solid choice to play a younger version President Donald Trump in a future biopic. Pepper is known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan and Knockaround Guys. 

A future Trump biopic is sure to be made in the future, and if so Barry Pepper would be a solid choice. He has a small resemblance to Trump, and a possible greater resemblance to Eric Trump.

Pepper is a talented actor who makes you believe the character you are watching. In Private Ryan his role of the sniper made you forget you were watching a film but more of a documentary with his realism and authentic portrayal. Pepper played Roger Marris in 61.

Pepper would play President Trump when he was in his early Manhattan real estate days.

Iman Sadri blogs for Persian Media outlets.