Why Billy Zane Should Play Marlon Brando in a Biopic

By Iman Sadri

March 31, 2018

Marlon Brando is regarded as one of the best actors of all time. And also one of the most controversial. Despite his legendary status in Hollywood lore, no definitive biopic or stage depiction has been created about the life of Brando. One issue may have been finding a doppelgänger.

A Marlon Brando lookalike has been in Tinseltown all along : Billy Zane. Best known for his role of Cal Hockley in Titanic, Zane is a very talented actor with great range and charisma on screen. Not to mention that he looks very similar to Marlon Brando pre-1975.

Marlon Brando (L) and Billy Zane (R)

Brando won the Oscar for his roles in The Godfather and On the Waterfront. He came to gain early acclaim for his role in A Streetcar Named Desire. 

Billy Zane has an extended filmography in a career spanning three decades. He is also known for playing in the films The Phantom and Tombstone. If a solid Brando script comes along, Zane should jump on it because of his striking resemblance to Brando.

Their eyebrows, eyes, smile, lip line and shape of their face are eerily similar. Zane should also consider a stage production of Brando if one comes along. The best period could be to portray Brando from 1960 – 1973 based on their ages.

Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer.