Prolific Persian : Darya Dadvar is Iran’s #1 Soprano and the Song Bird of a Nation

By Iman Sadri

July 16. 2018

Darya Dadvar is on her way to being to Iran what Edith Piaf was to France : The song bird of a nation. Dadvar is #1 Soprano from Iran. And lives in Paris. This Persian Parisian has a voice sent from an angelic source, with a pitch so high it has to be among the highest tessitura’s in Iranian history.

Dadvar sings in 12 different languages, an unprecedented number. In her rendition of Soltaneh Galbah Dadvar switches from French to Farsi mid-octave. She is a dramatic soprano with a powerfully rich, emotive voice.

Our goal is to sell out the Greek Theater or Dolby Theater or Pacific Amphitheater with a ‘One Night Engagement with Darya Dadvar’. It’s a task we can fulfill. Because Dadvar’s voice will fill the seats. Darya Dadvar’s voice needs to be brought to live audiences in front of the 600,000 + Iranian Americans in Southern California. To hear this Persian Song Bird at lease once live in their lifetime.

Iman Sadri is the founder of @LASmileMagazine and @ThePersianObserver