Darya Restaurant South Coast Delivers the Culinary Goods

August 25, 2023

Darya South Coast has an amazing Soltani

By Iman Sadri 

Sitting at the bar of Darya Restaurant I was perplexed. After commencing eating the delicious Darya Salad 🥗, which was brought out complimentary by the owner, I wondered to myself why I don’t eat at Darya more often.  

As I always do I ordered the Beef Soltani, my go to meal these days. Soltani actually means, ‘A dish for a King.’ The Soltani at Darya was out of this world. Tender beef filet cooked medium well. Since I’ve cut out carbs I had it with the side salad, on top of the gracious Darya salad brought out to me. 

Over in the main dining room Darya offers live music, as a three piece band was in full effect. Darya offers a wide range of culinary delights. Next time you’re in Orange County don’t miss Darya South Coast Plaza.