The Hollywood Smile of Jeremy Renner Sells


By Dr. Iman Sadri

Jeremy Renner is the epitome of genuineness. He embodies an authenticity rarely seen on the big screen since the days of Montgomery Clift. You forger that you’re watching acting. There is always a believability with any character Renner plays. If his character is facing a conflict you can’t help but feel empathy for whatever challenge he is enduring. There seems to be an emotional transference with the character’s Renner plays.

It is this natural ability to give realism to fiction that makes Jeremy Renner one of the best actors in Hollywood. Evoking an emotional transference, especially for product placement, also helps make Jeremy Renner a sought after thespian to pitch products.

Renner’s mega-watt smile is also as genuine as it is radiant. Making Jeremy Renner a great choice for dental product ads or for any industry which smiling sells. The Hollywood Smile of Jermey Renner helps sell the character on screen, and products off it.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV