How Blake Lively’s Smile Could Sell $1 Billion a Year in Dental Consumable Products including OraBoost

By Dr. Iman Sadri

Blake Lively’s Smile Could Have its Own Economy (Image Credit Zimbio)

Blake Lively is known to many as a talented actress. In the Ben Affleck film The Town, Lively becomes her character. Her presence on screen does not feel like acting at all. Her scenes opposite Affleck and Jon Hamm are so authentic that her even her illustrious beauty becomes masked with the despair of her character.

It is Blake Lively’s beauty that becomes masked in The Town. You don’t see a regal beauty, but her character. A down out single mom from the Southie neighborhood of Boston.

Lively not only has an unmatched Hollywood Golden Age beauty, but she also appears real. So when she smiles it appears real as well. It is these types of smiles that the Dental Industry is itching to promote.

Fortunately, I am happy to be to a conduit for high profile individuals and the Dental Consumable market which is expected to reach $35 Billion by 2021 in North America. Blake Lively could literally sell $1 Billion a year just in OraBoost at Walmart. 

Not to mention being the face of Kor Teeth Whitening and Colgate Total. If consumers saw a Colgate Optic White ad, for example, with Blake Lively they would remember to buy it the next time they are toothpaste shopping at the store.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of @lasmilemagazine and @thepersianobserver