How I Lost 30 Pounds in 10 Weeks and Kept It Off 2 Years Later

By Dr. Iman Sadri

Dr. Iman Sadri went from 201 to 171 pounds by cutting out bread, rice and pasta.

October 19, 2020

October 2018 was a pivotal time for me. It was the first time I stepped on a scale and weighed over 200 pounds. That same week a large sized black, Zara button-down shirt felt very tight. The extra large size of the same shirt also felt tight. I looked in the mirror and had what appeared nearly three chins. I looked bloated, felt lethargic and appeared much older than I felt inside. I knew I had to make a change. I was playing basketball. Now I wear medium shirts from Zara. I went from 201 pounds to 172 pounds not by exercising more, but by CUTTING OUT CARBS out carbs. Also switching to two small meals per day. Most animals DO NOT EAT THREE TIMES PER DAY. Think about that for a moment. Most animals only eat one small to medium sized meals the entire day. An adult black bear is seen to be content with two fish the entire day. Animals don’t make meals a social event. Humans feel that they are missing out on not eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are not missing out ! If I eat a heavy breakfast and heavy lunch I absolutely can’t eat dinner. The body of a male and female after 35 is like a water balloon. The more that is put in the faster it expands. Literally. The metabolism no longer keeps up with the high calorie intake. The excess is not burnt off and is accumulated into fat tissue.

Carbs turn into fat quickly if unused as immediate energy. I cut out bread, rice, paste, fries, pizza. Any of the common starches. No cereal, no oatmeal, no pound cake. No donuts. No carbs. Absolutely as little as possible. The only carbs would be in the consumption of the allowed vices : White Claws, peppermint mocha, omelettes, Ginger Ale, and yogurt. It’s simple. I will give you a weekly goal. A task that MUST BE DONE. I challenge you. For one week NO BREAD NO RICE NO PASTA. You can do it. I

Former Menu went from eating an egg, sausage and cheese croissant sandwich for breakfast, with two large coffees. For lunch a Whopper and Salad or Whopper Jr and Onion Rings. Plus large Dr. Pepper. For dinner I would a large Persian stew with white Basmati Rice. An Abali Doogh and a bowl of plain yogurt. That was over 3200 calories per day.

The result, I ballooned to 201 pounds. The large Zara button down shirt felt tight. The size 36 pants felt tight. I remember vividly, an extra large Zara shirt was feeling semi-tight. I got scared. I said I have to make a change. As Tony Robbins says, it has to become a MUST. As Tony Robbins says, ‘Change Your Strategy if you simply DO NOT PUT IN FOOD you will shrink. If your goal is to go from a size 36 waste to a size 32 waste I can COACH you the way.


Most people know what to eat and not eat. It’s that critical moment in the day where they have a decision to make. At the drive through one must DECIDE to eat a BURGER, FRIES AND SODA or A SALAD AND ICED TEA.

New Menu 2-3 days per week – eggs or omellete for breakfast. 3-4 days per week no breakfast, only 2 coffees. For Lunch : A Carne Asada Burrito Bowl with mineral water. Small stew or protein bar for dinner. That’s it. I cut out the croissant egg and cheese sandwich completely. Replacing it with two hard boiled eggs, protein bar, or on many days, only a coffee and peppermint mocha. For lunch these days I will go to Los Amigos Taqueria and get a Mexi-Bowl. They cook fresh carne asada and beans in a bowl. With lettuce and tomatoes. They add a wrapping of carrots and jalepenos. No dinner.

Once a Month Cheat with dessert. BUT NEVER BREAD, NEVER RICE, NEVER PASTA. But even at In N Out you can have a Double Double, Animal Style, with a Large Iced Tea, No Fries, No bread, Protein-Style in a Lettuce Wrap. You can eat that burger even at 6:45 PM if it’s your only meal of the day.

I challenge you 7 days : No BREAD. NO RICE. NO PASTA. Only 1-2 small meals all day. DO NOT EAT AFTER 6:30 PM. 

I challenge you 7 days : No BREAD. NO RICE. NO PASTA. Only 1-2 small meals all day. DO NOT EAT AFTER 6:30 PM. 

(If you must snack at 9 PM only have a very small cup of plain yogurt or one Biscoff cookie and Ginger Ale (3 days per week). But try not to.)