How the L.A. Chargers Can Boost Home Attendance By Targeting the So Cal Iranian American Community

By Iman Sadri

October 2, 2017

The Los Angeles Chargers have a home field advantage problem. I have been to two home games in a row and both felt as if they were road games. Last Sunday, Stubhub Center was a sea of red Chiefs jerseys. Yesterday, Eagles fans easily outnumbered Chargers fans 3-1. Intead of the Bolts’ Yellow and Blue filling up the stands it was mostly Philly Green.

Chants of ‘EAGLES’ … ‘EAGLES’ were continuous throughtout the game. Playing in Los Angeles has not been a home advantage by any stretch for the Chargers since making their move up north from San Diego.

The Chargers’ fans were seriously outnumbered at Sunday’s home game versus the Eagles. The Chargers lost 26-24 (Image Credit AP)

The Chargers are now 0-4 and lost three games at home already. One way for the Chargers to improve their home field advantage is the market to the Iranian American community. The Persian diaspora in Southern California is close to one million in population. Tapping into their fandom is wise as it is an untapped market.

Persians have been slow to come around for the Los Angeles Rams. Their dismal 2016 season pushed many potentials fans away. Starting 3-1 in 2017 may make more Iranians want to see the Rams. But for the time being the the Chargers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the Iranian American NFL market.

One of the Chargers’ slogans reads #FightForLA. It might be a good idea to add to their social media campaign, #FightForLAPersians.

Iman Sadri is the founder of ThePersianObserver