Maydoon : The Best Persian Restaurant in Sacramento

By Iman Sadri

Maydoon Restaurant is in the heart of Midtown Sacramento

February 28, 2022

Maydoon is by far the best Persian restaurant in Sacramento. Located in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, Maydoon is the brainchild of Idean Farid, scion of Mohammad Farid, of famed Shahrzad Restaurant. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as the 2nd generation Farid has created a culinary Persian gem in my hometown.

Maydoon Restaurant in a Culinary Smash Hit.

Growing up in Sacramento the traditional Persian restaurant usually had a host with a mustache, a short sleeved shirt and skinny tie. Just pick any soccer player from the Iran Team Melli 1998 World Cup team. That was the first image greeting you at those Persian restaurants. Not at Maydoon – Midtown. The hip, sleek and urban restaurant gives off a Millennial vibe – because it’s run by a Millennial.

The new generation Staff at Maydoon – Sean, Blaise, Sam, and Tula

Maydoon features some of the best Persian cuisine I have ever indulged in. It has the best homemade doogh in America, bar none. The staff prepares wonderful koobideh kabob and chicken kabob. We also ordered the Chenjeh which was first class. All of the items in the menu seem to enhance one’s tastebuds. The Mast-o-Musir (Yogurt + Shallots) is freshly made daily. – as are all dishes. Prepared fresh daily with unsurpassed quality.

Maydoon owner Idean Farid’s sour cherry (Albaloo) based cocktails

The house salad is another culinary gem at Maydoon, made with the patron Farid’s special sauce. Idean Farid is not only the owner of Maydoon he also has incorporated a bar, with a fusion of the best cocktails I’ve ever had. He is a mixologist and chef. A rare combination that doesn’t exist in modern cuisine. Idean’s restaurant draws patrons of all cultures and creeds.

Iman Sadri with Maydoon owner Idean Farid

What’s refreshing is seeing the diversity of customers in the waiting room. The array of cultural diversity present among clientele demonstrates an absolute testament to quality and taste. Maydoon also boasts impeccable service and an eclectic vibe and hip locale.

Maydoon boasts arguably he best koobideh in America

Maydoon is delivered with passion, experience and pride. The influx of youthful exuberance has made the Sacramento restaurant scene one of the best in the U.S. A pioneer is none other that Idean Farid, who has made something masterful in Sacramento.

Be sure to visit Maydoon Restaurant in Sacramento.

1501 16th St Suite #111 Sacramento, CA 95814

916-382-4309 @maydoonrestaurant