Mt Kilimanjaro: The Highest Mountain in Africa


by Iman Sadri

Standing at over 19,000 feet, Mt Kilimanjaro in East Africa is on many traveler’s buckets lists. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Located in northern Tanzania, near the border of Kenya, it is also a dormant volcanic mountain.


What gives Kilimanjaro its allure is its majestic view. Unobstructed and isolated, as seen from the savannah. Wildlife makes their way across the grassland with Kilimanjaro in the horizon. It is considered one of the Seven Summits, which describe the highest peaks on the seven continents. Its climate is temperate, void of any extremes in temperature, making it a manageable climb. Is Mt Kilimanjaro on your travel bucket list ? #SafariSundays