Ohana Fest Saves Best for Last with Lana Del Rey

Photo Credit AP

August 30, 2016

By Iman Sadri

The inaugural Ohana Fest in Orange County’s Dana Point saved the best for last with Lana Del Rey. The 31-year old singer closed out the music festival in style. She appeared on stage Sunday night wearing a white dress accompanied by an array of stage lights. For a few moments the mix of yellow and white light appeared to give her a halo. As she started singing there were audience members crying. Some hysterically. Few screamed, “You’re an angel on stage.”

As she began to sing a large green sign that read Del Rey lit up. Opening with Cruel World, Del Rey went through an assorment of her hits. Singing songs such as Cola, Honeymoon, Freak and Off to the Races.

A fitting lyrical moment was when she sang her song, Get High by the Beach. Being in Doheny State Beach just steps from the water there seemed to be an increased amount of white smoke that arose as she sang that song. As the smoke lifted in the air it was apparent that revelers actually wanted to get high by the beach while hearing about getting high by the beach.

Lana Del Rey’s Old Hollywood aura and discernible voice is unique in the entertainment industry. Perhaps that is why her fans gravitate to her as they do. Some fans waited for her from 11am. Del Rey presents an originality for the Millenial generation with a spirit of 1940’s and 1950’s Americana.

The cheering and screaming crowd at the Ohana Fest let their affections toward Del Rey be known. As she came to the front row of the audience to pose for selfies many of the audience members tried to kiss her on the cheek, some successfully. Despite not singing her hit Summertime Sadness, with the energy and glow that Lana Del Rey brought to the Ohana Fest stage, she gave the audience plenty of Summertime Happiness.

Iman Sadri blogs for Persian Media and can be followed at @ImanSadriTV.