PRESS RELEASE : Shaparak Play – Los Angeles – Nov 17, 2019


Shaparak is a masterpiece by Bijan Mofid. He is best known for his magnificent play called “Shahre Ghesseh“. We are proud to announce that “Shaparak” will be debuted on November 17, 2019 at the Studio 60 in Los Angeles. Due to sheer size of this production and its specific performances, we chose a Black Box.

Prepare to be mesmerized in an extraordinary warehouse setting with six different stages built for this awe-inspiring play. The 2018 Grammy Award winner “Hamid Saiedi” is the composer of this musical. He will electrify you with his captivating music during this play.

There will be 11 brilliant actors performing along with music and singing in this incredible location.

From Bijan Nesari :

Butterfly gets trapped in a spider’s web. But she can’t die because she has a date in the rose garden with the sun. Spider cons her into believing that he will die from hunger and asks the butterfly to lure another insect in the barn into the web as a more meaty meal. Hesitantly, wanting to avoid his death from hunger, she accepts his deal to release her into light. Her life’s journey begins as she encounters various insects… a kind-hearted Grasshopper, an alpha Cockroach with her little kid-roaches, an egoistic Firefly, a desperate insect-Fly trickster, and finally a mere academic-love lover Bee. Each time, half way into luring each insect, her better, more pure self overrides her deceitful nature and become more pure. Once she returns to spider to surrender herself as a meal to spider, the spider fulfills it’s divine obligation and shows her the way to light. At the end we notice that spider and each darkness in her path was an opportunity to become better and more pure. We come to know that all darkness is in cohorts with the Light. Darkness is light’s way to guide her back to herself where she fuses into oblivion and oneness. Oneness is achieved by reaching her own pure self. It is achieved by arriving to our own indisputable, unique and individual self. All Darkness and it’s corresponding underworld vanish when she fuses into light.

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