A Prolific Persian Dara Khosrowshahi Selected as New CEO of Uber

August 29, 2017

By Iman Sadri

Dara Khosrowshahi, an Iranian American who has been a leader in the tech industry has been catapulted to A-List corporate status by being named CEO of Uber. Khosrowshahi, 48, is the current CEO of Expedia having led to an expansion of the travel site and a 50% increase in its stock price. His new position at Uber brings new limelight to the Iranian American diaspora. Having emigrated to America from Iran when he was 9, Khosrowshahi is helping change the image of a community that has been adversely affected by the Trump travel ban.

Khosrowshahi was the highest paid CEO in 2016 with compensation of $96 Million. With bonuses his compensation could escalate to $180 Million after his stock options mature. If he chooses the job offer at Uber he will be taking over a $69 Billion company.

Uber is poised to be one of the hottest IPO’s since Facebook. Khosrowshahi beat out Jeff Immelt and Meg Whitman for the appointment. Khosrowshahi’s job offer shows that restricting Iranians from coming to America can inhibit future Iranian tech minds from reaching their full potential. Based on Khosrowshahi’s previous track record Uber should expect a smoother ride ahead. Pun intended.

Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer.