Q+A with a Prolific Persian : Interview with A-List Actress Shiva Negar

By Iman Sadri

November 10, 2019

Shiva Negar is a name that has shared the marquee with the likes of Golden Globe winner Michael Keaton. She has played the lead in Kelly Clarkson’s music video that went #1 on the charts. She has been a model appearing in a plethora of print ads and commercials. She is a musician and multi-instrumentalist. And she is college educated with a Bachelor’s and a Post Grad degree. Shiva Negar has catapulted herself to A-List status, striking it big in Hollywood. She was cast in the A-List feature film American Assassin co-starring Keaton, Taylor Kitsch, Dylan O’Brien and fellow Persian thespian Navid Negahban. Negar has already built a formidable filmography since her first acting job in 2011. She is currently starring in the Prime Time hit Blood and Treasure on CBS, which recently got picked up for a second season. Shiva is also filming a new (undisclosed project for five weeks in New Mexico). She is a native of Canada, by way of Turkey and Iran. Shiva came to the U.S. to make it. And make it she did! Shiva mentions a life defining moment being when she flew her Mom out on location to London for her American Assassin shoot.

Shiva Negar at the Hollywood premiere of American Assassin with Taylor Kitsch, Dylan O’Brien and Michael Keaton (Image Credit Just Jared).

Shiva Negar was already a bona fide star in Toronto prior to officially moving to L.A. in 2016. Born in Tehran, Shiva overcame many obstacles on her way to stardom. She worked in a toy store when she was only eight years old. She worked 40 hours a week while attending college full time, obtaining a B.S. in Psychology from York UniversityShe had a prestigious corporate job at a Canadian Real Estate firm which she left to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She also earned a Post-Grad (Master’s Degree) in Event Planning and Public Relations from Centennial, which she called her backup plan – It ended up not being needed – much to the chagrin of Shiva who has been a working actress since college. She obtained her ACTRA card (Equivalent to SAG-Aftra in Canada) and was signed by Characters (the most prestigious talent agency in Canada). After starting her career modeling, she was mostly offered the parts of the pretty female sidekick, initally. After producers noticed her acting prowess she started getting more serious roles, and has never looked back.

To catch up with this prolific Persian we met up for a Q+A with Shiva Negar over dinner at The BLVD at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

Shiva Negar at An Evening with Canada’s Stars (Image Credit AP).

Iman Sadri : Thank you for meeting up with The Persian Observer. Can you please describe your early life and upbringing ? 

Shiva Negar : I am actually writing my own script, based on my own story, a memoir, per se. There is a lot there especially for what’s going in this time of the world. I am not just writing it for the purpose of saying, ‘This is Shiva Negar, this is her story.’ There is a lot of aspects and people that could relate to it. It involves all the issues and trends right now. Immigration. A girl from a family with a single Mom. From a third world country and having a dream. I was born in Tehran. Then we moved to Turkey. We weren’t supposed to stay there. We went to Istanbul, which was supposed to be a short transit. My Dad left for Germany and we were also supposed to migrate there. He got stuck in Germany and we got stuck in Turkey. It was supposed to be short term, it ended up being five years. Long story short, things didn’t go as planned and we ended up staying in Turkey for five years. I was there from ages 7-12.

Shiva Negar as Annika in American Assassin.

IS : How was your experience in Turkey ?

Shiva Negar : If you’re not a citizen of Turkey life can be very difficult there. We had to survive. I was working at the age of 10. It was the last couple of years that we were there. There is no age minimum there to work at the time. I am not sure about the legal age to work now. My very first job was retail, in a Toy store. I learned how to wrap gifts really well from that experience. In Turkey our possessions were stolen and we had to get jobs. There was this charity organization in a church that was educating students who weren’t Turkish citizens. That’s where I went to school. When we finally migrated to Canada from Turkey, I spoke broken English and I was fluent in Turkish. We get to Toronto and eight months later they put me in high school as a 13 year old. I went from Iran to Turkey and all of a sudden high school in Canada. I was a year younger than the rest of my classmates. When I tested for academic placement, I was so advanced in Math they had me skip the eighth grade entirely.

I was placed in ESL. (English as a Second Language). I am really good with languages so I picked it up really fast. All of a sudden, I am coming from a completely different part of the world and I have to compete with students who were born and raised in Canada. I was an outsider. I couldn’t fit in. I was very different from everyone. I was getting bullied. In Turkey, I was just getting used to being there. I had friends. It became home. And all of sudden we had to start from scratch, again. I just feel like all my life I’ve been trying to fit in. 

Shiva Negar Headshot.

IS : How was your educational experience in Canada ? 

Shiva Negar : I finished high school in Toronto and then enrolled at York University. I got a B.A. in Psychology. I wanted to do Fine Arts. It’s the same program that Rachel McAdams did. It wasn’t good enough for my (Persian) family, however. They said you have to be a Doctor or a Lawyer. But I persisted and followed my own dreams. 

When I turned 16, I worked at a furniture store. The entire four years in college I worked a corporate job. At first I did administration. And then they promoted me to Junior Project Manager. I was so young. For a lot of girls at my age back then, it was like a dream job. But I was not happy. I was a performer. I am not a corporate person. Even though I was very good at it, I was very good at admin stuff, but it wasn’t what I wanted. It was something I had to do to survive and to make money. Every single penny I made from that job I put it into acting. Then I did a Post Grad (Master’s Degree) in Event Management and Public Relations from Centennial which was my backup plan since my family and friends put so much fear in me about what I was doing with acting.

Shiva Negar at the Whistler Film Festival (Image Credit AP).

I was doing all these acting workshops in college. While I was at York University I got an agent. I started modeling at 19. Then the very first audition I got was in Kelly Clarkson’s Behind These Hazel Eyes’ music video, which became number #1 on MTV. 

Shiva Negar being interviewed by ET Canada (Image Credit ET Canada).

IS : What was the inspiration(s) for you to pursue acting as a career ? 

Shiva Negar : Ever since I was a kid I was a performer. My Mom loves music. She placed my sister and I in music. I really responded to it. She put me in a piano class. I still play piano and I play the guitar. Ever since I was young I was in performing arts. Even in Turkey I did theater. I would sing in high school and I was doing theater and dramatic arts. One day in college I walked on to a movie set. They were filming a scene and it just triggered something in me. No one around me was in the industry, however. So it was all new to me. 

“Ever since I was a kid I was a performer.” – Shiva Negar

Early on I did a lot of print work. But I didn’t want to continue modeling. I then booked a TV commercial. In Canada the union is ACTRA. Which is equivalent to SAG-AFTRA. My plan was to do enough work to get my ACTRA card. The first few years your looks work against you. I had to turn down a lot of crap. The casting directors took a few years to take me seriously.

Shiva Negar at an industry event (Image Credit AP).

IS : Can you describe your early foray into acting ?

Shiva Negar The very first audition I ever went on was for Kelly Clarkson’s music video for the song, ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes.’ It went #1 on MTV. I played the lead in it. One of my first shows was getting on an ABC series called ‘Combat Hospital’. That was my first TV gig that was a guest starring role. My acting career started taking off 2011. I did a bunch of projects. I then signed with a modeling and talent agency. I started booking a lot of stuff. I did a lot of print work and commercials. But I wanted to leave to go to a talent agency that represented actors. My first talent agency was called Talent House

Shiva Negar making headlines for American Assassin (Image Credit CBS Films)
IS : Can you describe the process of getting an agent ?
Shiva Negar : It’s a process and I can definitely say that it shouldn’t be the first thing to look for when you first start your career. I know most actors including myself try to get an agent right away before even having any kind of training under their belt. It doesn’t work like that. You really do have to invest in gaining experience, in classes, workshops, theatre etc before being able to get a decent Agent. It took me years to be able to get to that level and start auditioning regularly.
Shiva Negar’s ‘Becoming Burlesque’ is a poignant story captured on film (Image Credit Telefilm Canada).

IS : How was the transition early on to becoming a full time actress, after leaving the corporate world ?

Shiva Negar : When my acting career took off in Toronto I quit all my jobs. I knew that I wouldn’t have a consistent income, so I struggled, at first. When I moved to L.A. I slept on a friend’s couch for 2-3 months. It’s a process. Because of everything I went through in my childhood growing up, I was never pampered in a way and we had to migrate all the time. It toughened my skin. I was able to tough it out. It made me more driven.

“I was always a performer. That’s what makes me feel alive.” – Shiva Negar

IS : Were there any actresses / actors that were inspirations for you to follow in TV and Film ?

Shiva Negar : One of the inspirations was Anthony Hopkins

Shiva Negar with legendary Iranian singer Ebi (Image Credit IG).

IS : What were your favorite films or TV Shows growing up ? 

Shiva Negar : I was obsessed with the original Beverly Hills 90210. I also loved Legends of the Fall.

Shiva Negar cites Anthony Hopkins and Legends of the Fall as a major influence (Image Credit TriStar Pictures)

IS : Can you elaborate on any short films / early projects that you were a part of ?

Shiva Negar : Lost Journey was the first feature film that I ever did. The singer Andy (Madadian) is in it. We shot it in 2009. It didn’t come out till 2011. Which was a great year for me. That was the very first project that I ever did. It was a Canadian film. I had a supporting role.

Shiva Negar and Andy Madadian starred in 2011’s Lost Journey (Image Credit AP).

IS : For these indie films, what is the incentive for the producer, especially if the distribution is limited ?

Shiva Negar : To be honest, most indies are passion projects. You try to make money, some of them do. Some of them don’t. In Canada there is a company that provides funding for independent films. The American Assassin set was very different from the Becoming Burlesque set. 

“Indies are passion projects. It’s all these people literally putting their heart and soul into it.” – Shiva Negar 


IS : Can you describe the casting process of American Assassin and how the role came about ?

Shiva Negar : I read the script and I was like this is me ! So I put myself on tape and read for Annika’s character. The director Michael Cuesta saw it and wanted to meet me. I Skyped with him and talked some more about the role and how I can bring her to life, and it all just started rolling from there. I met with the producers, the studio and next thing you know I was on a flight to London.

Shiva Negar and Dylan O’Brien in a scene from American Assassin (Image Credit CBS Films).

IS : Can you describe character of Annika in American Assassin and the relevancy to your own life, how you are Iranian and lived in Turkey ? There are so many parallels. 

Shiva Negar : She is introduced in the film as a Turkish agent working in the Turkish intelligence. She collaborates with the American CIA, played by Michael Keaton. Dylan O’Brien is recruited. They are working for the same mission. Much is not told about her background in the film until Dylan’s character find out she’s an Iranian. She is in Turkey to save this mission. She goes from good to bad to good again. 

Shiva Negar at TIFF in Canada (Image Credit AP).

IS : There is so much physicality in the film. Can you describe your process preparing for the fighting and shooting scenes ? 

Shiva Negar : We did weapons training with a guy who was in the Navy Seals. That was honestly so fun and choreographing the fights and I did pretty much all of my own stunts except one or two moves that they didn’t let me do. The film is really tight when they edit it. A lot of the fight scenes, we were shooting them for a lot longer than what is in the film. In the film it goes so fast. When you’re filming it, it’s so much longer. I was already working out and kickboxing leading up to the film. The weapons training was for two weeks. 

Shiva Negar with American Assassin Michael Cuesta at the film’s premiere after party (Image Credit AP).

IS : Can you describe the car chase scenes from American Assassin and any memories that stand out ?

Shiva Negar : We had a Stunt driver from Top Gear who was amazing and made the car racing scenes a lot of fun! Me and Dylan were actually in the car through the whole thing with the stunt driver sitting on top of the car. It was really cool!

Shiva Negar plays the lead Fatima Jackson in Becoming Burlesque (Image Credit IMDB).

IS : The tub drowning scene was so intense. What were your recollections from it ? How did you get through that shoot ? 

Shiva NegarThat was probably one of the more challenging days. We shot the whole thing in one day, so I guess that was a good thing. They were trying to figure out how to shoot it as safe as possible. I said, ‘Let me just do it raw’ or at least try to… It was all real. My sinuses were pretty messed up for a few weeks after that.

Shiva Negar at a Canada Stars event (Image Credit AP).

IS : How was the red carpet / press junket / experience for American Assassin ?

Shiva Negar : The American Assassin premiere was here in Hollywood. The red carpet was really fun. My Mom and my sister came. I had a whole glam squad get me red carpet ready.

(Left to right) Shiva Negar, Michael Keaton, Neg Adamson and Dylan O’Brien in AMERICAN ASSASSIN. ©CBS Films. CR: Christian Black.

IS : Can you describe the process of memorization ?

 Shiva Negar : I don’t call it acting. I call it being. I don’t even like the word acting, if you’re acting it’s as if it’s not real. I literally take myself there. It can be exhausting and draining. But when I am on set I try to stay in character. 

“I don’t call it acting. I call it being. I don’t even like the word acting, if you’re acting it’s as if it’s not real.” – Shiva Negar

IS : Can you elaborate on your role of Heartland on CBC ?

Shiva Negar : Heartland is on network TV and Netflix. It’s been going on for 12 seasons. The 12th season was shot last summer and I am the new character. The new girlfriend of one of the regulars. I had to learn how to ride a horse. I had to do yoga on a horse. I was cast as a city girl who is a Yogi. It was all shot in Calgary. 

Shiva Negar in a model photoshoot (Image Credit Toi Photo).

IS : Can you elaborate on your role for Blood and Treasure ?

Shiva Negar : I also shot that partially in Montreal last year. I was in Canada the entire summer last year, working on these two shows. I play the mother of the lead girl from the 90’s. My character comes as a flashback. I am basically the same blood line as Cleopatra. Which is funny because I want to play Cleopatra. The show got picked up for a second season. The scene I posted on Instagram, I shot that in Morocco.

Shiva Negar is big on fitness (Image Credit IG).

IS : That’s interesting, because my next question is if you could play a biopic of a historical figure or notable individual alive or no longer alive – who would you play and why ?

Shiva Negar : I would love to play Cleopatra. People also tell me I look a lot like Jami Gertz (of Lost Boys fame). 

Shiva Negar began her career modeling (Image Credit IG).

IS : Which filmmakers and film genres do you want to continue making ?

Shiva Negar : I love action. Empowering female roles. Bad Ass women. What I am passionate about is telling the stories of female heroes based on true stories in the Middle East and around the world. Stories that need to be told that a lot of us don’t know about. Collaborations such as The Refugee Project. One of my passions is telling the story of the Kurdish soldiers that are fighting ISIS right now. These beautiful girls, in their 20s, placed in life and death situations. The stories of the struggles of these women.

“I am passionate about telling the stories of female heroes” – Shiva Negar 

IS : Imagine you’re 100 years old – What other career and life milestones would you like to see on your Wikipedia page ?

Shiva Negar : I’d be happy if I told the stories that I want to tell. Including my own that brings an awareness to the world. I feel that it’s my job to do it as a performer on screen because I come from that side of the world. I’ve been through it. Based on my experiences growing up. Like what my Mom went through. When I first moved here, if I am going through any stress, I think about my Mom and how strong she was. 

Shiva Negar could play Jami Gertz in a Biopic (Image Credit @BiopicCasting).

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