Sara Naeini : The Greatest Persian Singer of Her Generation

By Iman Sadri

July 11, 2023

Sara Naeini has an angelic voice. There is no denying that. In fact, the first time I heard her voice was off of a remix off of her song called ‘Del Yar.’ 

After seeing her in concert at the Live for Liberty concert, I was convinced that Naeini is the best Persian singer of her generation.  

There are soprano and operatic singers, however, in terms of a pure vocalist with unprecedented range, and a harmonious pitch, her voice is second to none. 

Naeini has sang multiple renditions of well-known Persian songs include Jane Maryam. Her renditions of the ballads are the most sultry end auditorily pleasing that have been created yet. 

Sara has done solo ballads and performs solo and does duets, most notably with Reza Rohani. 

She has been featured on Manoto TV, Char Shanbeh with Sina, AM 670, Radio Javan, and pretty much any Persian  outlet in existence in North America. 

She will also soon grace to cover of our magazine, The Persian Observer. Follow her on social media @SaraNaeini_Official