The Iron Sheik was a Legend and the First Persian American celebrity

June 10, 2023

The Iron Sheik with Mister T in the 1980s for a Promo Tour of WrestleMania (Image Credit IMDB)

June 11, 2023

The Iron Sheik who passed this past away this week at the age of 81 in Gerogia was revered by millions of wrestling fans and legends of the sport • Tributes pouring from The Rock, Hulk Hogan and every major news outlet. 

The Rock called The Iron Sheik a ‘Legend’ • As Hossein Khosrow Vaziri truly was, being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 • A former body guard of the Shah of Iran, Turned Olympic wrestling coach of the U.S. National Team. Then trained by Verne Gagne and given an alter ego persona as a heel • The Sheik battled Hulk Hogan in the first ever WrestleMania on National TV in 1984 in Madison Square Garden • Then later Teaming with Nikolai Volkov to create a menacing tag team • He was the first Iranian American celebrity, had his own action figures, and was routinely on National TV and on Pay Per View in front of countless millions weekly.

The Iron Sheik with Cydni Lauper (Image Credit Instagram).

The Iron Sheik – 1942-2023