Top 5 Stocks to Buy (And Hold) During the Coronavirus Sell-Off

By Iman Sadri

March 24, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the Dow plummeting from nearly 30,000 as low as the mid 18,000’s. Today the Dow broke a single day record with its largest single day gain since 1933. Going up 2112 points. These are 5 Stocks to buy and hold for long term growth if some can continue their growth and others to muster the internal creativity they’ve shown in the past to turn their companies around.

#5-Ford  F – Recent plant closures due to Covid-19 protocol, and delays in getting shipments of raw materials from China – leading to delays in manufacturing – which equals less car production output. That is what Ford is going thru currently. Also I have some ideas as to how Ford can create a great new Electric Car for Gen Z (16-25 year olds) and be the car of the new Americana – the standard. Hire on younger designers with an imaginative eye to work around our design ideas. Ford can become the Apple of American Cars if it re-invents itself with the right creative mindset – or by hiring me as a consult 🙂

#4-Uber : UBER – At the time of this writing its shares are trading at Uber’s All-Time Low of $26 per share. I do believe that my fellow countryman Dara Khosrowshahi, who is the CEO will lead Uber to profitability. He did lead Expedia to exponential growth – becoming the highest paid CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the process. Uber is seeing tremendous revenue from its Uber Eats subsidiary providing value to the quarantined consumer as hungry quarantined kids tough out the Coronovirus Shelter-In-Place protocol.

#3-Starbucks : SBUX – At the time of this writing Starbucks shares are trading at $64 per share. Down big since its 52 week highs of $99 a share. Their stores are closed with the exception of drive thru at select locations. Not all Starbucks have drive through locations. The loss in revenue is tremendous. As if a large Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet shut off four engines and operated on one. That is what is going on Starbucks as dine-in restaurants are closed. Up until a few days ago Starbucks was allowing pick up and drive thru. Now it’s only drive thru – at the locations that offer it. But when the Covid crisis clears up Starbucks will rebound. Twenty years from now you will remember that $64 was a bargain.

#2-Slack Technologies : WORK : Slack makes software that lets teams work on projects remotely. During the Coronavirus outbreak look for this company to have increased revenues. Slack currently has a quarterly revenue of $630 Million. Look for that to go up significantly higher if companies make up for the lost revenue. The Coronavirus once resolved and treated will allow the economy to jumpstart again. But business will have been forever changed. Companies will look further to have remote meetings. Slack is Currently trading at $25 per share. Look for Slack to be at $50 by August 2020.

#1-3M : MMM – 3M just received a 35 million mask order – announced by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence. Currently trading at $132 per share. Other stocks poised to jump with increased PPE orders – APT – trading at $9.50 per share. They make protective equipment. Also add Lakeland (LAKE) to the list. Trading at $25 per share. They make PPE such as masks and lab coats The demands and orders of each will only increase. As long as the raw materials are there to manufacture them.

Iman Sadri is the founder of the ‘Sadri Equities Growth Fund.’ He can be reached at