Why Anthony Mackie Should Play Quincy Jones in a Biopic

By Iman Sadri

January 31, 2019

Quincy Jones is an icon of music. He is a 80 time Grammy nominee and multi-Grammy winner. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He is an Oscar Nominee. He is producer of the greatest selling album of all time, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Jones has collaborated with musicians ranging from Frank Sinatra to Eddie Van Halen. He is the subject of a Netflix documentary. And is overdue for a biopic to be made about him.

The perfect actor to portray Quincy Jones in a biopic is Anthony Mackie. For one, Mackie resembles a young Quincy Jones. Secondly, the two have met before and can arrange a collaborative effort. A script on The Black List by Rob Milani about the rise of Quincy Jones is already waiting for production.

Anthony Mackie and Quincy Jones have met before and can  collaborate on this biopic.

It’s time for Quincy Jones to be portrayed in a biopic, and for Anthony Mackie to play him.

Iman Sadri writes of biopic casting ideas