Armin Amiri’s Dear Albert is a Neo-Noir Gem

By Iman Sadri

Armin Amiri wrote, directed and produced Dear Albert (Photo Credit IMDB)

February 24, 2022

Dear Albert, written, directed and produced by Armin Amiri is an exciting new short film. Starring Max Amini as the titular character, the film is a neo-noir drama that is both enigmatic and entertaining. Filmed from the perspective of Albert, the audience emphasizes with the troubled protagonist. Albert, who suffers from marcotia, a form of Fragile-X Syndrome, has a high pitched voice and enlarged ears. He lives with his mother and is a Maître d’ at a prestigious Hollywood lounge, where agents and power brokers come to do deals. Albert commutes to work in a bicycle and lives a simple existence. Despite his physical deformities Albert is respected at his place of work. 

Amini plays Albert to perfection with subtle hints of rage towards inept co-workers and respect for the female patrons at his club. Albert is in a place of power of at work. He turns away guests who are not allowed at the club, acting as a bouncer and security. One of the unruly guests that he must turn away is the ex of one Simone (Necar Zadegan), of the Hollywood stars who frequents his hotel. Zadegan shows off her regal cinematic charm as she enters the nightclub, being photographed by paparazzi, upon entering. Showing why she is a bona fide star of the silver screen. Zadegan is a star of NCIS : New Orleans and Mayor of Kingstown. Susan Deyhim also makes her cinematic debut as Amanda.  

Armin Amiri is a Hollywood legend in his own right. His is an actor, producer, director and provocateur. He also co-produced The Night, which was received with great critical acclaim. Dear Albert is filmed entirely in black and white and has elements of Hitchcock and Kubrick. The opening montage shows the visceral images that cloud Albert’s mind. He is a troubled sole who finds solace at work. His tries his hand with a romantic pursuit, only to be rebuffed in disappointment. Albert gives personal life updates to his mother, who he must cook for and co-habitate with. Albert’s existence reveals a life of struggle, due in part to his physical deformity.

Max Amini stars as Albert in this neo-noir thriller. (Photo Credit IMDB)

Armin Amiri’s Dear Albert is not unlike Elephant Man, where the main character has a maladaptive personality. Despite Albert’s long ears and short temper the audience feels empathy for his un-ornamanted routine. Amiri does a masterful job with the music, lighting, visual and sound effects. The cinematography is stellar, with the noir effects adding realism to the storyline. Dear Albert is a highly recommended film. Undoubtedly, the short film will garner even more awards at film festivals, as it is already a critic darling. Don’t miss this visually stunning short-film, coming to a streaming service near you soon.

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