The Best View in Vegas

By Iman Sadri

April 25, 2017

As you walk into the penthouse bar of the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas and sit by the tall glass windows it strikes you. A majestic view. Unrivaled in Las Vegas. The restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower comes in second place, but does not boast the jaw dropping wide view and distance. The broadness of the view is on par with an ultramodern skyline found in Dubai or Shanghai.

The tall windows with the Titanic like lighting and an Asian-fusion of furniture complete the layout. In the near distance you see the City Center. The view further across is a stretch of the strip that ends with the Eiffel Tower. As if the skyline’s of Macaw and Paris merged.

You could sip a cucumber mojito in the brown sofa chair overlooking the southern part of the Vegas strip. The view at the Stratosphere is also on the short list of the best views in Vegas but is too high up. The view at the Mandarin Oriental penthouse lounge is the best public view in Vegas. The best private view ? Well, just ask Floyd Mayweather.

Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer and @HollywoodSmileTV