David Bakhtiari Starring in 12th NFL Season – Packers Beat Bears in Week 1

By Iman Sadri

David Bakhtiari starts his 12th NFL Season in 2023 (Image Credit AP)

September 11, 2023

David Bakhtiari started the 2023 season without a hitch. His Green Bay Packers beat the Bears in Chicago, in Bakhtiari’s first season without Aaron Rodgers. Jordan Love was under center and the Packers won 38-20. We were on hand live in Chicago to watch David play for the first time.

Chris and Natalie came from L.A. to Chicago to watch the Packers, Chris is wearing a David Bakhtiari jersey (Image Credit The Persian Observer)

Bakhtiari is a three time Pro-Bowler, two time First Team NFL Selection and three time Second Team NFL Selection. His Packers dominated and protected Jordan Love in Week 1 as the O-Line only allowed one sack. Bakhtiari was also a two time Pac-12 Second Team selection for the University of Colorado, who are 2-0 under coach Deion Sanders.

Chris from L.A. rocking David Bakhtiari’s jersey with the publisher of The Persian Observer, Iman Sadri. Chris and Natalie travel from L.A. to watch the Packers play every road game (Image Credit The Persian Observer).

David Bakhtiari is the third highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL with a salary of $23 Million per year.

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