Der Doppelgänger : Why Josh Gad Should Play Franz Schubert in a Biopic

By Iman Sadri

February 23, 2018

Today is Josh Gad’s 37th birthday. It’s fitting that we publish this biopic idea on this day. Gad is no doubt one the most underrated A-List talents in Tinseltown todayAnd Franz Schubert was one of the most underrated composers of his time.

Gad can act in dramas such as Marshall across Chadwick Boseman and do comedy with Billy Crystal in their former series The Comedians. He can sing as he did on Broadway in The Book of Mormon, a role which saw him nominated for a Tony Award. He can sing and dance, as he did in the hit Disney live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. He has great range as a voice actor as displayed in the role of Olaf in the $1.25 Billion blockbuster Frozen.

Josh Gad also has a resmblance to the 19th century Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Both have similar physical facial features, including eye shape and color, eyebrow shape and color, hair color and style, face shape, philtrum, lips and chin. Schubert is best known for works such as Piano Trio No. 1, String Quartet No. 13, and Ave Maria, among many others. He completed over 600 works in a short lived career.

Coincidentally, one of Franz Schubert’s famous works is called Der Doppelgänger. Perhaps this was named in reference to a future actor who should play him in a biopic : Josh Gad.

All that is needed now is a good screenplay.

Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer