Father and Son NBA Champs: Mychal Thompson and Klay Thompson


It is a warm late October evening in Anaheim, California. Just across from Disneyland at the Honda Center, a preseason NBA Game is being played. The Golden State Warriors have traveled from Northern California to Southern California to meet their interstate foes. The Warriors are playing their final preseason game of the season and are readying for the start of the regular season. They are the reigning NBA champions coming off of a Finals victory over the Cavs. Their Playoff success capped a finish to a near flawless regular season. Torchbearers, now, of a Larry O’Brien trophy that their opponent used to carry perennially.

Walking to the arena, the palm trees and the light Coastal breeze remind you that you’re in Southern California. As such, the Lakers are the home team and are wearing their distinguished yellow jerseys. Despite the home court advantage, reversal of fortune has changed the fates of these two franchises. The Lakers are the new doormat of the Western Conference while the Warriors have staked their claim atop it.

Golden State’s customary starting five opens the game led by the Splash Brothers’ dynamic duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.  The Lakers are playing against a Kobe-less Lakers team.

Nearby in the broadcast booth is the father of one of these storied shooters, Mychal Thompson, also an NBA Champion and color analyst for the Lakers. The senior Thompson was part of the Lakers’ Showtime era, a span which saw the Lakers go the Finals in 9 of 11 seasons. Now, it is his son Klay that is part of the duo that is bringing the NBA a Millenial Showtime resurgence. Mychal Thompson, on this warm Fall evening gets to call a game against his son, Klay.

In this preseason game where the record doesn’t matter the Lakers are trying to find a usable lineup for the regular season. The Warriors use this game as a final tuneup before the start of the season. Final Score: Warriors defeat the Lakers 136 to 97. Despite the Lakers’ loss it’s still a win-win for Mychal Thompson.