Three Film Ideas for Sofia Boutella to Play the Lead in a Motion Picture

April 3, 2018

By Iman Sadri

The fact that this article is being published today is quite fitting. Considering April 3rd is the birthday of the subject in question : Sofia Boutella.

Sofia is now a bona fide A-Lister. Attending the Met Gala, presenting awards at the Academy Awards and co-starring opposite the likes of Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Charlize Theron, to name a few.

Boutella is next co-starring in the Ramin Bahrani directed HBO adaptation of Fahrehnheit 451. Sofia is an incredible talent that is capable of being a lead in a major motion picture. The 36 year-old French-Algerian beauty started out as a dancer and toured with Madonna for a decade. Her agility makes her perfect for action roles. But she has the versatility to play a wide range of characters.

She’s shown her action moves in The Mummy, Kingsmen, Star Trek Beyond, and Atomic Blonde. It’s time for Sofia Boutella to play the lead in a future film. Here are three ideas for Sofia and her agent to consider.

1) A Biopic of Cleopatra 

Sofia played an Egyptian princess in The Mummy. Her resemblance to princesses in Egyptian lore, at least the stylized Hollywood version is uncanny. Considering to play Cleopatra or Queen Nefartari, or Ahmanet (again) in a film or stage production is absolutely mandatory, because of her striking beauty, features and believability as an Egyptian princess.

Sofia Boutella played an Egyptian princess in The Mummy (Image Credit Universal)

2) A Female Spy Hunter 

Sofia Boutella’s kick-ass fighting moves on display in her last several films make her a perfect choice to play in a female Jason Bourne type role. One idea would be a female Spy Hunter. Based on the Nintendo 1980’s video game, Spy Hunter could be a huge hit with the right script. Imagine Sofia in a black leather, skin tight outfit, with the Peter Gunn theme in the background. The role could have similar action to Angelina Jolie’s characters in Lara Croft : TombRaider or Salt. In Atomic Blonde she played the lover of a spy – Charlize Theron’s character. But it’s Sofia’s time to play the Spy or Spy Hunter.

Sofia Boutella would be an amazing female Spy Hunter, as the lead.

3) A Semi- Autiobiographical Story about a Dancer Who Becomes an Actress 

Call it egotistical, call it conceded, call it premature. Incorrect. Call it a hit. Sofia Boutella’s story is one of legend. From Madonna’s backup dancer to Nike commercials to actress. To A-Lister.

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And now to a lead in a future film. For many being Madonna’s backup dancer for a decade is enough ambition for a lifetime. But not for Sofia. She had the itch to get on screen and her inclination, hard work and enduring hours of make-up on set has been worth it.  The Matthew Vaughns‘, J.J. Abrams’, Alex Kurtman’s and David Leitch’s of the world have caught notice. And that’s all that matters for the most part. It’s the belief from the creative, accomplished and connected studio heads and directors who can predict greatness on screen. And that is what Sofia brings – as well as versatility.

Other notable film ideas as Sofia Boutella as the lead :

An Algerian – French Experience Documentary : Sofia could giving voice narration/production in French and English in a documentary on the Algerian-French experience and history.

Sacagawea : Sofia could play the notable Native American woman who helped Lewis & Clark – the story could be based on her life and how Lewis & Clark entered into it in 1804. Pocahantas is too played out – but her features could have her pass to play a strong Native American woman also.

Many more ideas to come …

Iman Sadri is the founder of @ThePersianObserver and @LASmileTV