Gen Z in Iran is Leading a Women’s Revolution in 2022

By Iman Sadri

Oct 28, 2022

It’s been more than 4 weeks since Mahsa Amini was brutally murdered in the hands of the Morality Police in Iran. The young Kurdish-Iranian woman has become a martyr and a symbol of a massive uprising in Iran.

The uprising is in fact a Revolution being led by women and Gen Z. Young girls from 16-21 are the brave face facing oppressive tactics from the Iranian who is continuing to murder, rape, beat, torture and murder its own people. Iranian citizens have been getting killed from their own government since 1978, starting at the Cinema Rex fire in Abadan.

Since then major humanitarian atrocities have been relegated against Iranian citizens. Gen Z is leading the fight for freedom in Iran. Protesting for basic human rights and equality for women. The Iranian diaspora is also helping my hosting international protests to demand justice and freedom for Iranians in Iran.

More action and action is needed to prevent further killing of Iranians owns citizens at the hands of its government. A government who sends out Basij thugs to kill, murder, rape and beat its own people. Reports indicate that many of these new Basij militia are former inmates and violent offenders who have been released upon the people. In addition, many brain-washed children are being brought from Syria and Palestine to murder Iranians.

We call on the United Nations and all local government officials to Act now and prevent further massacres on more Iranians.