Hatam : A Jewel of Persian Cuisine in Orange County

By Iman Sadri

Ask any Persian local of Orange County and they will tell you a jewel of Persian cuisine is Hatam Restaurant in Mission Viejo. 

The South OC enclave has been a hub of Persian food, and catering for parties, weddings, for now nearly a generation. 

The Soltani is one of the best in Southern California, and the house dressing for its side salad đźĄ— is also phenomenal. 

The inside decor has many features including statues of Persian figurines, as well as Persian miniature paintings, a Persepolis -eque feel. The host Farhad is always kind and seats you to your table immediately. 

The server Nazanin is also very nice as well as the entire staff, including co-owners Afsaneh and Babak. 

In fact, we catered with Hatam at our networking event last week, which went without a hitch. Many options are on their menu for appetizers and a full buffet. 

We ordered for catering Mirza Ghasemi, Kotlet, Mast-o-musir and Kashk-Bademjan. 

If you are in SoCal, don’t miss one of the best Persian restaurants in all of California.