Hatam : A Jewel of Persian Cuisine in Orange County

By Iman Sadri

Ask any Persian local of Orange County and they will tell you a jewel of Persian cuisine is Hatam Restaurant in Mission Viejo. 

The South OC enclave has been a hub of Persian food, and catering for parties, weddings, for now nearly a generation. 

The Soltani is one of the best in Southern California, and the house dressing for its side salad 🥗 is also phenomenal. 

The inside decor has many features including statues of Persian figurines, as well as Persian miniature paintings, a Persepolis -eque feel. The host Farhad is always kind and seats you to your table immediately. 

The server Nazanin is also very nice as well as the entire staff, including co-owners Afsaneh and Babak. 

In fact, we catered with Hatam at our networking event last week, which went without a hitch. Many options are on their menu for appetizers and a full buffet. 

We ordered for catering Mirza Ghasemi, Kotlet, Mast-o-musir and Kashk-Bademjan. 

If you are in SoCal, don’t miss one of the best Persian restaurants in all of California.