Lisa Alavi and Sara Alavi Starring in BET+ Film ‘The Reading’

By Iman Sadri

Lisa Alavi and Sara Alavi star in BET+ new thriller ‘The Reading’ (Image Credit Instagram)

February 4, 2023

Lisa Alavi and Sara Alavi are two Persian American sisters from Houston, Texas who are starring in the new BET+ thriller The Reading. The film stars Academy Award winner Mo’Nique and is produced by Lee Daniels. The film is written by Courtney Claude.

The Reading stars Oscar Winner Mo’Nique (Image Credit IMDB)

Mo’Nique and Daniels ended their decade’s long feud which stemmed from accusations that the film Precious was not promoted enough. Mo’Nique won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in the film. The Alavi Sisters join an ensemble cast which also stars Denisha Hardeman, Ian Haywood and Charlene Brown.

Lisa Alavi and Sara Alavi are actresses and models with a prolific body of work. The Reading is now available to stream on BET+.

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