Megan Pormer : A Prolific Persian with a Fab Smile

By Iman Sadri

September 20, 2019

Usually when someone has a PhD in Medical Engineering the likelihood of them ever appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan is slim to none. That is not the case if you’re is Megan Pormer. Megan not only has a Doctor title before her name but she is also an A-List celebrity in her own right.

Raised in Iran and England, Megan speaks fluent Farsi. She is a model, actress, beauty expert, social media influencer and socialite. Her fab smile and natural beauty as well as her 1.3 Million Instagram followers have helped propel her to grace a multitude of magazine covers. Including Cosmopolitan Middle East and Glamour Turkey to name a few.

We hope to do a Q+A with Megan in the near future to have her also grace the cover of @LASmileMagazine and The Persian Observer when we launch in print this fall.

Cheers to a prolific Persian who is doing amazing things – helping change the public perception of Iranians. Megan recently modeled at the NYFW. She is slated to have many more modeling photoshoots to come. We hope to see her on our publications as well.

Dr. Iman Sadri is the founder of LA Smile Mag and The Persian Observer