Why Michael Shannon Should Play Beethoven in a Biopic

By Iman Sadri

February 11, 2018

Actor Michael Shannon has an uncanny resemblance to the iconic composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. They both have the same piercing eyes, eyebrows, lip-line, nose and chin. Beethoven and Michael Shannon both have a congruent intensity to them and the same serious aura. Shannon is at an age, 44, where Beethoven was in his prime.

Michael Shannon playing Beethoven in a biopic and stage adaptation is mandatory. Their resemblance needs to be captured on film and directed by Shannon’s go-to director Ramin Bahrani – who knows him best and would best incorporate Shannon’s idiosyncrasies within the framework of the character.

Too many biopics have been made where the actor / actress portraying the real life protagonist don’t look like each other. The best biopics are films where the actor / actress playing a historical figure strongly looks like the titular character. (Malcolm X by Denzel Washington) – (Gandhi by Ben Kingsley). The latter won the Best Actor Academy Award. The former was nominated for the same award.

“The best biopics are films where the actor / actress playing a historical figure strongly looks like the titular character.”

Previous Beethoven biopics have been made before, but none have made a lasting impact.  A new biopic of the world renowned composer played by Michael Shannon would be watched and lauded globally. Since Beethoven’s music and face is recognized worldwide. Audiences would most believe Shannon’s version. With the powerful music of Beethoven in the backdrop, the right set design, which would be on a shoestring budget, filming on location in Europe, ( a la Milos Forman in Amadeus) the audience would watch Beethoven come to life. They would be feel like they are going back in time watching him on screen. That is why Michael Shannon should also play Beethoven in a stage production. Also directed by Bahrani. The musical score, facial similarities and Shannon’s acting would take Broadway by storm.

“A new biopic of Beethoven played by Michael Shannon would make the audience feel like they are traveling back in time.”

Iman Sadri and Michael Shannon at the 2016 Golden Globes

Iman Sadri is the founder of @ThePersianObserver and @LASmileMagazine