Nazanin Boniadi Starring in $1 Billion ‘The Rings of Power’ on Amazon – as Bronwyn

By Rob Zamanian

Nazanin Boniadi at the NYC Premiere of The Rings of Power (Image Credit Instagram)

September 22, 2022

Nazanin Boniadi’s star has always shined brightly. Now it shines the brightest it has ever shined on a massive global scale. Boniadi is starring in The Lord of the Rings : Rings of Power – on Amazon. The $1 Billion budget for the series, taking place over five seasons scored 25 Million Views on opening night. So far three episodes have been released with viewership averaging 25.3 Million Streams per episode.

Nazanin plays Bronwyn, a healer and one of the few humans in the show. Ironically Boniadi was a star pre-med student at UC Irvine. Now life imitates art and is rewarding Nazanin with the international spotlight she is acclaimed and worthy of. Boniadi is globally featured in all of Amazon’s ads – a massive world campaign. She is prominently on billboards, Amazon packages, buses, bus stops and train stations all over the globe.

Amazon’s series headers, (Image Credit Instagram)

The series is getting critical acclaim and has an international cast led by a veteran actress of Persian ancestry, with an British and American upbringing. All class and all talent. Nazanin Boniadi ranks #1 in our ‘Persian in Hollywood – Power List.’ This role has catapulted her to be featured in the NY Times. Interviewed by Stephen Colbert in front of 6,000 rabid fans at the 2022 Comic Con. Featured in People, on the cover of Emmy Magazine, attend over two dozen global film premieres and still fight for humanity with her human rights activism.

Watch Nazanin Boniadi on Amazon Prime in The Rings of Power. Follow her on social media @NazaninBoniadi