Q+A with a Prolific Persian : The Exquisite Art of Mona Niko

By Iman Sadri

The original art of Mona Niko.

May 21, 2018

There are artists that come along once-in-a-generation who’s work leaves you speechless upon seeing it for the first time. Making you stop and stare and contemplate the brilliance of the work of art you are looking at. Mona Niko is one those once-in-a generation artists whose work boldly captivates one’s imagination.

Mona Niko’s art is mixed-medium oil on canvas.

Mona is originally from Iran and currently lives in Southern California, with her husband and two children. After graduating with a Graphic Art Diploma in Visual Arts she then received a Bachelor’s of Art in Painting.

The original art of Mona Niko.

Most of her artwork is figurative and about the understanding of humanity and the intricacies of emotion associated with the human experience.

Mona Niko has been prolific in creating and showcasing her art. She has organized 6 solo art exhibitions and has participated in 20 Group Exhibitions in the Middle East and in the the U.S. She has hosted exhibits in the Art Museum of Santa Ana, the Art Expo of New York and the Art Fair of Laguna Beach, just to name a few.

Mona Niko’s original art sells in the 6 figures.

Mona Niko’s art ranges from pure original creations with her own portraits to mixed-media.

The original art of Mona Niko.

It is the ‘speechless’ factor and the awe-inspiring-ness of Mona Niko’s art that makes you look for and appreciate all the details that come with each work of art.

To catch up with Mona Niko we sat down for a conversation with this prolific Persian artist in Irvine, California.

Iman Sadri : Can you describe your early life, education and background ?

Mona Niko : Born & raise in Tehran ,Iran ,Educated in Graphic College and Got  my Bachelor Degree in Painting from Azad University of Central Tehran reign, glad to be student of great Masters of Art like Mr. Moslemian and Bangiz and Mr. Arianpour and many more. Working as an Artist and Art teacher as well as magazine designer in Narm Afzar monthly magazine which was about newest technologies.

IS : At what age did you develop an interest in art and what were some of your early influences?

Mona Niko : From 7 years old with my Mom encourage, this art interests was there and keep continued till in my Early high school ages decided to continue my education in Art field rather then normal High school

IS : How would you best describe your art?

Mona Niko : Generally, my artworks are modern fine art which most of them are about Women figures over Time with our Persian Symbols, plan to create more these combinations of past and futures in my works.

IS : You study graphic design in college can you elaborate on that experience and how you incorporate those experiences with your art today ?

Mona Niko : Each painter has to have special mindsets to become successful in create new concepts with his/her art concepts interests and Graphic art is the way to transform these creations in mind to real image, I did this combination of these two knowledges in my artworks to have kind of sprit and meaning at the same time.

IS : You use mixed medium pallets to superimpose beautiful creations what was the inspiration for this type of art?

Mona Niko : Most of them are from listening to Music till get that idea in my mind, but overall as a painter just need relax time to think and listen to my emotions ,then brush will dance itself to create things automatically..

  1. Can you elaborate on any influences including artists in the past or present that help you develop your artistic style with the work that you do?

From Past Artist need to mention name of Marc Shagal and the rest is my new creation of style.

  1. How long have you been doing the type of art that you have been doing?

Its been a while like past 5 years, which really focus on these types of artworks.

  1. Can you describe your experience in art in Iran and Dubai?

As soon as I finish my Education got married and moved to Dubai so Does not have time to present my art in Iran but was tried in Dubai with some Group exhibitions like Courtyard Gallery and Fan art of Abu Dhabi as well as Teaching Art in Art institutes.

  1. Can you elaborate on some of the art galleries and expo’s that you have had events at and plan to have future gallery showcases?

Armani Hotel in Dubai, Art Expo of New York and Art-fair of Laguna Beach.

  1. How long do you spend on each work of art on average?

Really depends on my Mood and Time and may take 4 weeks to 7 weeks.

  1. How many hours a week do you spent painting and working on your art?

About 8 Hour /week

  1. How many pieces of art do you have a goal to create per year?

Really I am not set any goals ,Its all about inspirations and places I Travel.

  1. Can you describe the process in valuation of you are the process of creating limited prints of original copies?

Since I believe my art is gifted from my god has to share it with Art Lovers  so arrange 50 units limited prints with my original signature available to  purchase from my website.

  1. Can you describe the process of super imposition of artistic sketches on top of an existing art pallets?

Main thing is inspiration from the subject then start create sketch and composition figure and face  match with surrounded then mixing the  colors which is really important for me and took me lots of time.

  1. Do you have a top three list of your favorite artistic pieces that you have created and why are these your favorite?

1- Green Beauty 2-Silence 3- Conscience They have made with my deep feelings and I really like them .

  1. Can you describe which art piece are your most valuable and why?

All of my artworks are really valuable since Created with my emotional and inspirations on that time so really can not tell you exactly which one is most valuable.

  1. What are your future plans to expand your artistic brand?

Currently started print my artworks on garments and defiantly would like to expand that to new Level of prestige fashion brand in the world.


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