Q+A with Jasmine Nicole Naziri

By Iman Sadri

Impressions Vanity Senior Marketing Director, Jasmine Nicole Naziri knows that beauty means so much more than something superficial. With themed campaigns covering the politics of mind-body connection, Naziri engages a growing community of socially conscious beauty lovers, never forgetting that good lighting and hot pink makeup cases are FUN. Putting plus sizes and blue brows front and center of campaigns, Naziri delights in the ever-expanding aesthetic universe. We asked the celebrity marketing guru about being anindustry change maker, her favorite beauty trends, and her biggest dreams.

The Persian Observer : How do you organize your day?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri Every day is truly different, but each night before bed, I’ll peek at the next day’s calendar to mentally prepare for what’s ahead. It helps me anticipate what type of day it will be and serves as a reminder in case I need to gather my thoughts for meetings. Plus, I get easily derailed by hunger, so it helps me know when I’ll eat lunch—very important.

IS : What has been one of the most successful celebrity campaigns you’ve ever worked on?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : Our collaboration and campaign with Paris Hilton. It was the right timing for both parties, she was moving into a new home and we had just launched a new dazzling crystalized line that perfectly matched her aesthetics and her personal taste. She is such an international superstar and genius at marketing herself and her brand that it is no wonder that our 6 month collaboration including social campaigns, ads, interviews, a feature in her Netflix documentary and more, was exceptionally successful.

IS : What has been one of the most successful product campaigns you’ve ever worked on?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : A full line and 6 month long campaign of Disney products that I worked on. From designing the products and functionalities, to submission reviews for all creative, business strategy for working with third parties, digital strategy, a thorough PR game plan for gifting and promo, along with a full social media agenda with gorgeous content
creation. This was certainly one the biggest projects I’ve ever worked on in my life, from A to Z, but was completely worth it. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

IS : We know you love to travel, what is your next dream destination?
That is a very difficult question to answer! I love latin cultures, admire European cultures, and enamored with Middle Eastern cultures. I would say the list of places I want to see is never ending but I suppose the place I am most eager to see first would be Australia. From what I’ve studied and heard from loved ones who have visited or lived there all say it includes tropical woodlands, wetlands, and monsoon rain forests. I can’t wait to see a kangaroo and koala bear!

IS : How can fellow phone lovers battle tech neck?

Jasmine Nicole NaziriRaise your screen higher and take breaks! This is typically a reference to neck pain, but in the beauty space, we’re also now talking about it as rings of wrinkles that are developing because people are constantly staring down at their phones. Massages at high frequency and using either oils or a moisturizing cream can help – stay healthy and happy.

IS : How did you grow such a successful Instagram account?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : When Instagram first became popular, I completely resisted it because I thought, “I’m not a selfie person!” However, I started to develop my own style for IG that didn’t make me feel like a fraud. I love the opportunity the platform has given people to
network and connect with companies, brands, non-profits you admire and believe in. On my page, I love being my authentic self. I like to be a little silly too: I had a whole series where I’d story IG-famous dogs and invite others to participate.

IS : You have an impressive resume, what are some of your favorite brands and celebrities that you’ve worked within the past?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : It has been a joy to work with beauty brands I am personally a fan of, along with celebrities I admire. Some incredible beauty brands I’ve been able to collaborate with throughout my career
have been Morphe, Fenty Beauty, Sephora, Ulta, Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty, Revlon, MAC Cosmetics, HUDA Beauty, BoxyCharm, FabFitFun, IPSY, BH Cosmetics, Shoedazzle and so much more. Some incredible talents I’ve had the pleasure of joining forces with have been
Paris Hilton, Lizzo, Iggy, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Christina Milian, Adrienne Bailon, Lady Gaga, Ciara, Becky G, Madison Beer, Winnie Harlow, Nicole Richie, Camila Coelho, Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons and many more!

IS : Who do you look up to within marketing?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : Anna Wintour! She is a creative genius and so well respected in her domain. I have always been the biggest fan of Vogue and admire all of her and her team’s work. It is a
known fact that she sets extremely high expectations and goals for her team and the brand/ publication of Vogue. From a creative standpoint, she has an incredible eye at tracking emerging trends before they’ve become mainstream.

IS : How much do you listen to what fans say on social media and how much does that influence what you do as a company but with your upcoming campaigns?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : I think it’s one of the secret sauces to our success, if you will, that our fans are a part of our decision making. They give great feedback, share what they’d like to see, they share what they love and what they don’t and it is a great guide for any marketer to move in the
next direction. There’s a problem when social followers have no reaction at all and low engagement overall.

A lot of brands just push messages out on social media, but that’s not what social is about. Social is about engaging, it’s about a conversation, it’s about listening and then responding, it’s an ongoing conversation with our fan base.

IS : Tell us more about Flexup USA?
Jasmine Nicole Naziri : FlexupUSA is an online fitness apparel and accessories brand based in Los Angeles, California. We established the company in July 2021 by my business partner and I. At the forefront of fitness design, FlexupUSA designs are all pieces with quality materials
made for comfort, which cater to women of all shapes and sizes. FlexupUSA has gained popularity because of its performance enhancing clothing and its innovative approach to product design. Our goal is to not just provide fashionable, comfortable fitness apparel, but a community of women who support one another. Our online channels provide
bi-weekly tips on healthy living through exercise and meditation guides.

IS : What are some expectations you set at the start of FlexUpUSA and where are you at now?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : We wanted to grow our social following first and foremost because my business partner Myla and myself recognize the importance of the platforms in more ways than one. We had set goals to hit a certain number of followers and to gain them by organically exciting viewers and make them feel welcome, we then wanted to
increase sales through our social platforms. I would say we have doubled my expectations in this regard and we only focus on continuing to grow.

IS : How does a brand stand out from the digital crowd?
Jasmine Nicole Naziri : We offer daily support and affirmation! We want to uplift and encourage our clients and our social media followers. We provide a community of incredibly strong women that want to be
better together.

IS : Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Jasmine Nicole Naziri : As a CMO for a beauty brand that I love and believe in. I never want to stop reaching
new peaks and new goals in my career.

Website: https://jasminenaziri.wixsite.com/jnn-marketing Blog: https://jasminenicolepromo.wixsite.com/stylish-stealthy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss.jasmine.nicole