Why the Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers Should Trade for Isaiah Thomas

By Iman Sadri

Isaiah Thomas while with the Sacramento Kings (Image Credit AP)

February 7, 2018

In 2012 I wrote about how the Sacramento Kings had saved their best (NBA Draft pick) for last by selecting Isaiah Thomas.


Thomas became a 20+ point a game scorer, starring alongside DeMarcus Cousins. He had a career year last year with the Boston Celtics scoring almost 30 points per game after a steady emergence. He is a player that needs to be in control of the ball during most possessions. He is a floor general that leads the offense. He needs accompanying players to help. Lebron’s style of play is the same. You can’t have two Napolean’s on the battle field.

LeBron James and Isaiah both need to handle the ball. They are most successful with a co-pilot who plays off the ball to help them. It’s time to trade Isaiah Thomas and the best suitor is his original home – the Sacramento Kings. After all, he’s a Pizza Guy. (Local Sacramento fans understand this reference).

Even in Cleveland the sportswriters believe the Cavs should consider trading Isaiah. http://www.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2018/02/cleveland_cavaliers_scribbles_78.html

Thomas’ torn labrum injury is cited in the article – contributing to his lack of mobility and difficulty getting his shot off. Make no mistake – Thomas will be back to 100 %. It was advised that he waited until April to play. No matter, it’s a marathon, not a one year race. But assuming Thomas is back to full form, LeBron probably will play another five seasons. If LeBron were to stay in Cleveland during that time, Thomas’ talents would flounder – like Jimmy Garoppolo having to wait several more years for Tom Brady to retire. The Patriots let him free. As an organization you can’t make a player who was averaging 29 points last year be stuck in a system that will diminish his potential output by 30 – 50 %.

“Make no mistake – Thomas will be back to 100%.”

The Cavs need an off-ball player to compliment LeBron. They already have that in Dwayne Wade who still has a few good years left. Cleveland has had their eye on George Hill. They could also use a big man in the middle to help Tristan Thompson.

A potential trade package could be Isaiah Thomas for George Hill and Wille Cauley-Stein. The Kings could throw in a future second round draft pick – or two, as well as cash to make the salaries match.

” a potential package could be Isaiah Thomas for George Hill and Wille Cauley-Stein.”

Vlade Divac traded DeMarcus Cousins last year to free up future cap space. Now is his chance to jump on a golden opportunity. He needs to immediately call Koby Altman – the GM of the Cavs tonight and discuss this trade.

Thomas would be back in Sac where he started his career. He could take the rest of the season off to rehabilitate and get to full strength by next Halloween when the 2018-2019 season starts. The Cavs would also help free up their roster to then make a run with their existing talent. And hopefully get Derrick Rose back in the mix off the bench.

It’s not as if LeBron is retiring next year and Isaiah Thomas was his succession plan. LeBron and Company can get the job done without a Kyrie Irving. They will have Wade and Kevin Love (when back) and Kyle Korver as the main off-ball players to help equal Irving’s production to help LeBron. You should only have one king on each throne. King James and the Cavs should let Isaiah reign as his own King (pun intended).

“The Cavs and King James should allow isaiah  Thomas to reign as his own King (pun intended).

Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer. He can be followed at @ImanSadriTV.