Sofia Boutella Danced with Madonna for a Decade On Her Path to Hollywood Stardom

By Iman Sadri

July 20, 2017

Sofia Boutella is a Hollywood A-Lister. On her way to stardom in Tinseltown she danced alongside another A-Lister, Madonna. I had seen Sofia dance alongside Madge in one of the best live renditions of a song on Youtube, Madonna’s La Isla Bonita during 2009’s Stick and Sweet Tour in Argentina. 

Little did I know at the time that the brunette in blue dancing alongside Madonna would be the next Mummy. But Sofia Boutella decided to pursue acting and was given Madonna’s blessing to take her talents on screen.

I was fortunate to meet Sofia at the Star Trek Beyond Comic-Con Premiere After Party last summer at the Hard Rock Hotel rooftop in San Diego and at the CAA pre Golden Globes party this past January at Catch in L.A. As I wrote in a previous blog, I had come outside in the patio at Catch with a producer friend of mine. There sat Sofia with a friend of hers. I pointed to Sofia and told her friend, ” That’s my Boo-Boo, Sofia.”

When I first saw the dancing brunette in Madonna’s video I thought she was perhaps an Argentinian dancer, as the video was from a concert in Buenos Aires. How wrong I was. Sofia is Algerian-French and danced with Madonna for a decade. Not just in that Youtube video. In fact, Sofia can be seen in many videos dancing next to Madonna.

What made her standout in the La Isla Bonita video was not just her striking beauty. With her jet black hair, dark eyes and enthusiastic smile on stage. But rather a combination of those factors, and the fact that she brought an unbridled passion to the performance. You can just tell that she is having the most fun out of the other dancers on stage.

Sofia has gone on to star in Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond and in The Mummy as the titular character. She will be seen next alongside Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. 

Sofia Boutella is a Bona Fide A-Lister now in Hollywood. Her dancing background gives her unmatched agility to go with her kick-ass moves and once in a generation beauty. Cheers to Sofia being one of our favorite new stars and for combining her talents to give her performances uncanny authenticity.


Iman Sadri is the founder of The Persian Observer