The Art of Fabian Perez

By Iman Sadri

As you walk into the Village Gallery, it strikes you with its realism. A painting by Argentinian artist Fabian Perez sits center stage on the wall across from the entrance.

The painting in the center wall of the gallery is entitled “Anna at the Bar”. She has shiny, straight black hair and is wearing a black evening gown. She is applying lipstick while using her makeup mirror to glance back at her reflection. Her back is exposed as the reflecting light shines off of her shoulders. Who is she waiting for at the bar ? Perhaps she is waiting for her date to return? Perhaps she is waiting to meet someone new.

Fabian Perez’ art in many ways is about seduction. The subject is almost always seen from a profile view. They have long torsos, chiseled faces and accentuated curves. The art of Perez makes you want to witness what happens next. Who does the woman end up meeting ? Where do they go from the bar ? What will her companion drink?

There is a verisimilitude in his art that makes you want to watch the rest of the scene unfold. For now, however, we are satisfied to just watch Fabian Perez’ career unfold.