The Persian Boys of Dallas

November 5, 2023

Parham and Payam Abbasi are two brothers doing it big in Big D (Image Credit IG)

By Iman Sadri

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This hold true for two Persian power players who have been doing it big in Dallas for decades. We are referring to none other than the Abassi boys. Payam and Parham Abbasi have been creating a legacy in music and real estate for a generation in The Big D. Their reputation precedes them nationally among many in the diaspora visiting Dallas. The Abbasi brothers have built a rolodex of contacts with prominent musicians, entertainers and real estate investors. They have been featured in countless magazines and are routinely written about in Persian media and real estate + music news. They are the quintessential Renaissance Persians. Parham Abbasi, is a leading realtor in Dallas, always ranking in the Top 1 % of Real Estate agents in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Payam Abbasi is a media entrepreneur, real estate developer and rapper + musician. He creates original tracks and works with the best musicians in Persian rap and hip hop artists across the country. 

Payam Abbasi and 50 Cent (Image Credit IG)

We were fortunate to have dinner with the Abbasi brothers at Shiraz Restaurant in North Dallas. Joining us was Amin Emam, music producer, also from Dallas. The Abbasi boys who have been lifelong baseball and football fans, are athletes themselves. Parham played football and their Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of a resurgence, this year. Payam played baseball, one of the very few Iranian Americans to do so. Their Texas Rangers just happened to win the their first World Series. When Payam was a kid he missed a chance to meet Rickey Henderson. Nowadays they party with the athletes they grew up admiring.

The Abbasi boys are stars in Real Estate and Music (Image Credit IG)

The Abbasi boys are educated and multi-faceted. With degrees in electrical engineering they didn’t settle for a job at Tesla. They’ve used their multiple talents to diversify their portfolio of businesses. As real estate developers, investors, musicians and promoters, the brothers don’t waste the day. While most 9-5’ers clock in and clock out and go home and vegetate, the Abbasi boys are the antithesis of that mantra. Their large network has also propelled them to being main points of contact for Persians and non-Persians alike, who are visiting Dallas. No stop to Dallas is complete without paying a visit to Payam and Parham Abbasi. Two Persian brothers doing it big in The Big D.

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