Tina Yasin : An Angel Goes to Heaven

By Iman Sadri

March 10, 2017

Los Angeles is known for being called the City of Angels. As possible it may be for L.A. to have real life angels residing in it, there is scientific proof that a true angel resided in Irvine, just 45 minutes south. Tina Yasin was the embodiment of an angelic soul in human flesh. Her passing on Monday was met with grief and sadness to the countless many who were in her life. I came to meet Tina, her loving husband Mike and the Yasin family through my brother Ehsan a few years after I moved to Southern California.

In my many experiences with Tina Yasin she was always positive and engaging. She genuinely cared when she spoke to you, and always asked of how you were doing. She had a heart of gold in a plastic world. She was always smiling and presented a joyful aura on every occassion. No matter if the occasion was a party or bringing her two beautiful kids in for a checkup at the office.

Tina Yasin was a true angel on Earth

Tina was loved by everyone who knew her because of her pure spirit, kindness and enaging personality. I always had a special connection to Tina because we would always comment on our mutual Pisces status. She was born a Pisces and leaves this Earth much too soon, also in the Pisces month.

Tina Yasin (Photo by Kusha Alagband)

Some could say that Tina was fighting a brave battle against a debilitating beast, called cancer. But to the many who knew her best, she was fighting God’s impatience to bring an angel back to heaven.

Iman Sadri is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV.