Top 3 Things to Do When You Bite Your Cheek

May 31, 2019

By Dr. Iman Sadri

May 31, 2019

All too often you might be eating something when part of your cheek gets in the way. More often than not people bite their cheeks when chewing gum. Prolonged chewing leads to a higher risk of biting one’s cheek. Gum is the #1 culprit in this category.

If you happen to bite your cheek in an unfortunate eating / chewing session here are three tips to alleviate your pain and return your mouth to normalcy.

1) Apply Oragel or Benzocaine 20 % Gel

When you bite your cheeks the first sensation that occurs is pain. Often times it’s intense pain, followed by inflamed tissues. A little bit of blood may be present during the first moments. Applying Oragel or generic Benzocaine 20% Gel can help alleviate some of the discomfort. The gel numbs the tissues of the oral cavity and this helps decrease the pain, or the perception of pain.

2) Rinse With Warn Salt Water

This is a tried and true at home ready. Warm salt water helps act as an antiseptic and its mixture helps remove bacteria in the mouth. Salt is a natural disenfectant and helps remove swelling from the tissues.

3) Avoid Eating on The Side of the Wound for Three Days

You must allow three days for the tissues of the mouth to heal. Repeatedly irritating tissues that have been affected by chewing the oral cavity will delay the healing process of the mouth wound. Allowing at least three days for the mouth to heal is mandatory for optimum healing time.

Iman Sadri DDS is the founder of LA Smile Magazine