The Top 6 Smiles of Actresses in Hollywood

By Iman Sadri

#1) Julia Roberts has the Definitive Number One Smile in Hollywood. She has the most talked about and written about smile of her generation in Tinseltown, bar none. She even starred in a movie called Mona Lisa Smile based on a premise to change to the stoic horizontal lip line of Mona Lisa into a smile. Only Julia Roberts has the ability to have a smile be associated with such a famed emotionally stale work of art. Her talent as an actress is unquestioned as well. She is an Academy Award winner. Just last week Chris Martin of Coldplay wrote a song dedicated to Julia Roberts’ smile.

Chris Martin’s (Coldplay) song about Julia Roberts’ Smile – Lyrics

I asked all the mystics and they stood still,
How do we survive in a world of ill?
He said you watch ‘Mystic Pizza’ on ‘Notting Hill’…

Because in those movies you get to see,
A beautiful piece of God’s dentistry.
When you see that, how hopeless can you be?

That Julia Roberts smile,
It stretches …for half a mile
It never goes out of style.
It just shines like a big star.

#2) Jennifer Lopez : A Smile That SELLS 

J.Lo is multi-talented and multi-dimensional. Her smile is also one of her most underrated  attributes. It could serve as dental office wallpaper. (J.LO contact me to set that up for national dental distribution 😉) – J.Lo exudes a smile with flawless natural symmetry that could exhibits pure joy. She expresses a happiness directly from the soul. Jennifer Lopez’s smile could sell many products. From lipstick showing off the brightest smile with its contrast of colors. Her smile could sell Happiness. It could be the poster child for so many indelible products in popular culture. For countless companies whose product is happiness. From Disneyland to Dentyne Ice.

#3) Mila Kunis : The Sassy Smile 

Mila Kunis’ smile is one of the most complimentary to a female face in all of Hollywood. It goes well with her beautiful eyes and the overall symmetry of her face. With some of the buzz surrounding all of the unnecessary stoicism in Hollywood to keep a straight face to avoid wrinkles, Mila still shines her smile on the red carpet and at industry events. It’s just too magnificent to not show off all of the time.

#4) Sarah Shahi : A Red Carpet Smile

Sarah Shahi is quickly growing into an A-List name with her own TV show on NBC that she is playing the lead on, Reverie, debuting March 2018. No bias here as she is of Persian descent. Sarah Shahi has an  unparalleled smile. She is starring opposite Al Pacino in an upcoming film as well. It’s not just her smile and natural beauty that the audience is in favor of. Her acting talent has a bravado of its own. But her smile is among the most favorable to any sight in all of Hollywood.

#5) Jessica Alba : The Elegant Smile

I’ve always written how Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez’s smiles need to be plastered all over dental offices as wallpaper cover art. Alba’s smile has an honesty and elegance about it. Her smile is omnipresent in all of her photos. She should be the defenitive lipstick model, a spokeswoman for the top lipstick colors to accentuate brightest smile.

#6) Angelina Jolie : The A List Smile 

Angelina Jolie belongs on any list that is about the best smiles in Hollywood. Angleina’s smile is an exceptional compliment to her naturally volumnous lips. Her smile-line curves with the rest of her eyes, jaw line and other facial features that are according to Le Monde “Magnifique.” Jolie’s smile is a direct transference of a pure joy directly to the recipient.

Iman Sadri is the founder of @HollywoodSmileTV and @ThePersianObserver.