Why Max Amini Should Play Frédéric Chopin in a Biopic

By Iman Sadri

Max Amini Should Play Frederic Chopin in a Biopic (Credit : Iman Sadri for Biopic casting)- (Credit of Chopin 3-D art: Hadi Karimi)

Nov 10, 2021

Frédéric Chopin‘s music has been heard by millions around the world since the 19th century. Chopin was a Polish composer and prolific pianist who lived from 1810-1839. He is best known for his piano compositions which are riveting to the ear. No significant biopic of Chopin’s has been made. And, in effect, the best biopics need to have the actor or actress actually resemble the historical figure they are representing on screen.

Now due to 3-D scanning technology and advanced computer software and imaging Frédéric Chopin has been brought to life by Iranian 3-D Artist Hadi Karimi – who designs lifelike images of historical figures from their death masks and paintings.

3-D Artist Hadi Karimi has brought Frédéric Chopin back to life (Image Credit : Hadi Karimi)

Frédéric Chopin has a striking resemblance to comedian and actor, Max Amini. Now that Hadi Karimi has brought Chopin to life with his 3-D Art it is evidently clear that Max Amini has a strong resemblance to the late, great composer. Other renditions and biopics or pseudo biopics have been attempted but no one actually looked like Chopin – as strongly as Max Amini does. Max could play Chopin in his final years when the Polish composer was ill, yet still composing. A script about Chopin has been written by RJ Milani from his one-man play – Chopin : Back to Life. In fact, Max could play Chopin on stage in Los Angeles at several theater houses – performing Chopin : Back to Life.

Check out the work of 3-D Artist Hadi Karimi at https://hadikarimi.com/ who has brought Beethoven, Mozart, Dali, Bach and many others back to life.

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